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Youre mad attractive my love.

Thank ju(:

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Take ur girl to some artsy shit then fuck her out of the dress when yall get home


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do i think i’m ugly? nah

do i think i’m very attractive? nah

do i be feelin’ myself? hell yeah



where the fuck are the boxer briefs for ladies 

just make underwear that are just like boxer briefs but without the bulgy package area in front for fuck’s sake

you don’t need to make them shiny or lacy just make them comfy and streamlined without awkward seams and maybe in some basic colours that aren’t white or that awful “flesh tone” colour 

I would wear the shit out of these.


Jhené Aiko is so fuckin sexy. The thirst !!

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She said the only time she’s smiled today was with me & that makes me feel happy & sad.

This Positivity shit actually kinda works